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Our story began in Scottsdale, AZ in 2013.  While Mandi was and still is working for plastic surgeon, Dr. Shaw, she came into contact with a special little lady named Joy Brunker.  Mandi and Joy hit it off immediately!  Each visit, Joy would never fail to mention, "I have a son I think you really might like"! Concurrently, two of Mandi's coworkers kept trying to set her up with some Jason guy, which unbeknownsnt to Mandi was actually Joy Brunker's son!

After several more visits with Joy, Mandi finally decided to give Joy her phone number.  When Joy approached Jason with Mandi's number he was very hesistant to make a phone call to this mystery girl. He pushed the number aside, forgetting that he even had it. Joy asked him a few days later if he had called Mandi, which of course he hadn't.  She stated, "I see her all the time, so please don't embarrass me and at least call her!" 

Well long story short, that night Jason called Mandi and they made a plan to meet the next night, September 25, 2013, at Kierland for a drink.  It turned out they lived only two blocks away from each other.  Drinks turned into dinner, and dinner turned into a long walk around Kierland! When they finally decided to say goodbye Jason got extremely nervous, got in his car and drove off leaving Mandi to walk home by herself in the dark at 10pm.  Red flag!  Turned out Jason really liked this girl and didn't want to come off too strong.  He realized when he drove by her and waved that he had made a huge mistake!  Two minutes later when Jason got home he texted Mandi to make sure she made it home safely, and felt embarrassed for not offering a ride home.  He then asked when he could see her next.  Mandi left that Friday to visit her friend in Chicago.  Upon returning to Phoenix on Sunday, Jason was waiting at the airport to pick her up and they have been inseparable ever since!  The two moved in together July 2014, and on February 6, 2015, got engaged!  They can't wait to spend the rest of their lives together!