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Ten Years Ago - I decided to walk across the street to visit the new surf shop in hopes of finding a job, but I actually met my future husband.  The details of our story are a bit vague, however I am in the midst of writing a memoir that will describe how we found each other and became the best friends that we are today.  


We we will post some of our stories as we get ready for our big day!

As a couple we have been privileged in our travels to go visit places like Mammoth, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C., Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and much more!  We have always enjoyed snowboarding, bike riding, walking around new towns, and taking in all the sights and wonders that God has graced us with.  As we explore we are blessed to make new friends and trying new foods other delights that enrich our lives and make each day a new adventure.

Recently my sweet father took Paul and I to Europe on a huge excursion from country to country and we kept running into huge flags.  So we decided to create a new kiss "selfie" in front of every flag to commemorate the occasion.  And we are looking forward to our Honeymoon to have our Canadian Kiss in Banff!! Xoxo