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We attended three different Bay Area school campuses together for years, yet we had never actually met. Our introduction wasn't until one night in October '02 after running into each other at a hip-hop concert in San Francisco. We stood side-by-side rapping along to our favorite songs for an hour just smiling and dancing without missing a beat. Periodically I'd catch Curt staring at me, but I paid his attention no mind since he was such a familiar stranger. I had always found him charming and nerdy, so I found his gaze flattering.

When the infamous rap hit "Whatever You Say" intro kicked in it became apparent that we were both die-hard fans of the tracks group. It's so funny recapping that moment because the song is basically about two lackluster guys underwhelming "rapping" to the ladies, LOL. Well obviously fate, luck, destiny and momentum were present that night, because our vibe was authentic and right. Instantly and quite naturally we began to rap the lyrics to each other, ironically creating an impressive ending for the tune.

            We serenaded each other for the remaining of the concert. We danced and rapped for another hour before finally exchanging names and numbers, ha-haa. The shows end was the start of our friendship. We parted ways that night with promises to call each other the next day. Of course no one wants to seem desperate, so after ignoring Curt's first few calls (lmbo) I finally returned his contact attempts a week later. After months of small talk and the best air hockey tournaments EVER, here we are today. God dealt the cards and we took a chance on fate. :)

          We've been together for nearly nine years now, so time was of the essence. Fortunately, we've grown so much together that despite time and expectations we knew that this love is permanent.

         So long story short... It was Christmas day 2011. After presenting Curt with his gifts, he nervously revealed a beautiful blue box to me. My eyes swelled with tears because I knew instantly. He's given me rings before, but this time I just knew that it was special. His proposal was perfect! I just remember so many tears of joy between the both of us. There was plenty of tears, hugging and truly heart-felt speeches. Oh yeah, and of course I said YES!

We are for certain best friends and we know that with unwavering faith that nothing can penetrate our fate. BAM! *hehehe*

We're a very fun-loving couple with non-traditional ways, so we've chosen to get married at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. We love Las Vegas so it’s become one of our annual getaways. Contrary to the typical Vegas style wedding, our intimate ceremony will be filled with love and liveliness just like our lives. This is definitely not going to be a whimsical shotgun or Elvis chapel event. This is going to be elegant, private and all the way live, lol.

Following the ceremony we will wine and dine soulfully at our intimate 3hr House of Blues reception. Party-goers will meet later that night to paint the town, but not too much paint as Sunday we're attending the infamous House of Blues Gospel Sunday Brunch. If there's two things that we acknowledge daily, it's our lives and the nourishment that we are so blessed to receive. This brunch is something special. We LOVE it and it's our way of saying thank you to those of you who will attend. We will definitely be in the midst of good God and good food.

Did we mention that we're foodies?

Oh, btw... We're foodies! :)

          After partying hard with our loved ones in Las Vegas we're going to need a vacation. Lol! So what better place to unwind, relax our minds and spend some therapeutic quality time than Hawaii. We've researched the many beautiful islands and decided to go with the large island of Hawaii since it offers everything on our bucket list:

1. Romance - YES!

2. Volcanoes - YES!

3. Waterfalls - YES!

4. FOOD - YES!!

5. Amaaazing sunsets - ABSOLUTELY!

         We've chosen to stay at the immaculate Fairmont Orchid Hawaii along the beautiful Kohala Coast. We're so blessed to have all of the basic home amenities, so instead of doing the traditional Wedding Registry we've created a Honeymoon Registry for your congratulatory love contributions. All gifts will be received with sincere love and gratitude, whether it's words of love or things that go cha-ching. :-)

Your generosity is highly appreciated!

          We're sooooo excited about this day, and we truly thank God for being ever present in our union. Please visit the "Our Registry" tab at the top of this page to check-out our wish list. Also please visit our blog and feel free to leave us a message or two. It'd really mean the world to us.

Looking for accommodations?

         We have reserved a row of deluxe rooms at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino to accommodate our guest. Space is limited, so please make your reservations now to receive the special group discount rate. Use code G12WILL when booking your stay and note that the first nights amount is due at the time of booking. The toll free reservation number is 1-877-632-9001.


We're thankful for all of you and we love you sincerely!

We wish you all much love, many blessings and peace abundantly.

Nicia and Curtis