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Our love affair began a long time ago at Lebanon High School. Ashton was new to the school as an 8th grader, and Eric was a rising Freshman. The two began talking to one another via MSN Messenger. Ashton quickly developed a crush on Eric, but due to Eric's poor decision making, love was put on hold. The two went their separate ways for the better part of decade, really only sharing a computer class together. Over time, MSN Messenger changed to Facebook Messaging, and the two began talking to one another again. Eric volunteered at the library, and Ashton worked selling clothes at Multiplicity. One fine evening, Ashton came to visit Eric while he was re-distributing books. Eric knew that love was in the air. Soon after, both started another chapter in their lives, Eric at ETSU, and Ashton at Appalachian College of Pharmacy. Both would help each other in their academic interests, and they grew closer together. Eric graduated from ETSU, and he began working at the Wise County Department of Social Services. Eric had a plan in mind, but that is another story. Well, it is actually on the tab that says proposal, so click there.